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Living longer and better is a choice.

Specialized Services. For better living. For a better future.

Arc-1 Metrics is now accepting clients in Nevada, New York, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.


The health professionals at Arc-1 Metrics know that life is full of obligations for good reasons, including the responsibilities of family, work, and community. Combined with natural aging, the stress of daily living comes with a health cost, even with proper nutrition, exercise, and enough sleep. A good balance should be sought and health professionals at Arc-1 Metrics will partner with you and help you achieve your goals of better health and vitality.

Dr. Todd A. Stearns, DO, FACOG.

My journey in the field of healthcare began after I had completed my service in the U.S. military, and was working in sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, at the same time, I volunteered as an orderly for a psychiatric care unit and then later as a medical technician at a hospital in Washington D.C.  While on my sales calls, I found that my discussions with diverse patients in the waiting rooms, were not only interesting and informative but also revealed a common thread of needing and wanting a better level of health as they discussed their individual issues and concerns. In short, they wanted to have better health and a more fulfilling life and wanted guidance to achieve those goals.

My waiting room discussions heightened my interest in medicine, and motivated me to help people like the ones I had met in the doctors’ offices. I attended medical school in Las Vegas, subsequently completing my MD residency in 2015 at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  I am board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Medical Examiners, and licensed to practice medicine in Nevada, New York, Colorado and Pennsylvania. I am currently an active and practicing Ob/Gyn.

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Customized healthcare for the whole you.

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