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Living longer and better is a choice.

Telehealth services for better living and a better future.

We know that life is full of responsibilities in our families, work, and communities. Combined with natural aging, the stress of daily living comes with a health cost. Even with proper nutrition, exercise, and enough sleep, many of us struggle to achieve our best selves.The health professionals at Arc-1 Metrics will partner with you to help you achieve your goals of better health and vitality.


Dr. Todd A. Stearns, DO, FACOG

Todd Stearns embarked on his journey in the healthcare field after completing his service in the U.S. military. He initially worked in sales within the pharmaceutical industry. Concurrently, he dedicated his time as a volunteer, first as an orderly in a psychiatric care unit and later as a medical technician at a hospital in Washington D.C. During his sales visits, Stearns engaged in conversations with a variety of patients in waiting rooms. These interactions, both intriguing and enlightening, uncovered a common desire among patients for a better level of health. They expressed their individual health concerns and aspirations for a more fulfilling life, seeking guidance to achieve these goals. These experiences sowed the seeds for what would later become Arc-1 Metrics, showcasing Stearns' commitment to enhancing healthcare through understanding and addressing patient needs.

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Meet the Team

Arc-1 Metrics has a growing team of experienced doctors who want to help our clients achieve their health and longevity goals.

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Customized healthcare for the whole you.

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