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Telehealth Services for Men's & Women's Health issues

Arc-1 Metrics is a top-rated health optimization company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving both women and men with their health and lifestyle goals.  Our focus is merging modern medical discoveries with traditional, natural therapies and lifestyle modifications designed to deliver exceptional outcomes for improved quality of life and a longer health span.  Our telehealth based service provides advanced treatments for testosterone and hormone replacement, increased strength, energy and libido, immune support, anti-aging and longevity, and weight management to help you attain the best version of yourself. 

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●     Comprehensive, thorough and knowledgeable

●     Safe, proven and effective treatment methods

●     Experienced clinicians

●     Custom-tailored treatments just for you

●     Telemedicine Services

Arc-1 Metrics is dedicated to assisting men and women facing challenges such as sexual dysfunction, chronic fatigue, menopause, and other age-related issues. To explore our cutting-edge holistic approach to wellness, reach out to Arc-1 Metrics today.

Men's Erectile Dysfunction Clinic in Las Vegas

Telemedicine Services for Men and Women

Arc-1 Metrics provides a customized healthcare plan for the whole you. We are a health optimization company to support the needs of both women and men.  Apart from injury or disease, aging is associated with a declining physical state in both females and males. At some time, both will experience fatigue, loss of strength, less stamina, diminished libido, declining mental focus, insomnia or restless sleep, and an awareness of less vitality. 

Genetics and lifestyle can be factors, but aging itself is the major factor. Beginning in our forties, our bodies experience changing and declining hormone levels directly associated with aging. Our healthcare professionals can help you reclaim and restore your vitality offering individual nutritional guidance, a suitable exercise regimen, and therapeutics uniquely adapted to your own individual issues.

Men's Health Clinic in Las Vegas

Anti-Aging & Longevity Treatments

Low Testosterone Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Longevity Support

Hormone Imbalance Specialist - Las Vegas, NV

Energy and Fatigue

Autoimmune Support Las Vegas NV

Autoimmune Support

Weight Management Las Vegas

Weight Management


How Does Telemedicine Work?

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 Dr. Todd A. Stearns, DO, FACOG





Weight Loss




We provide men with the tools they need to boost energy and restore their body to its peak performance.

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I’m a Hollywood actor arc-1metrics has been my secret weapon to stay at the top in the Hollywood industry, I’m able to maintain my energy and my looks taking their newest technology anti-aging supplements


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